The Crossroads project was a very large project with many features that were broken up into many storymaps. One of the storymaps was about users searching the website which didn't exist on the legacy system. Search can seem like a straight-forward feature, but some research into what users of Crossroads really wanted mixed with competetive analysis drove the design. 
Sketching is an excellent way to create cheap and fast ideas to iterate upon quickly. Sketches allow you to get the ideas out of your head and onto a medium to see what it really looks like.
Using the software Sketch I generated high fidelity wireframes from the paper and whiteboard sketching iterations that genereated great conversation and inspiration. Using Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, and more as the competitive analysis we created search results customized to the content of Crossroads. 
The wireframes included all the features I suggested with my favorite being around the media series. When looking at Google and Bing search results neither handled video playlists (media series) in a good way or at all. I created a search result around a media series that showed the latest three videos so users could quickly get to them if they only remembered the media series name.
MVP calls by product owner selected the needed features, and other features have been backlogged for later.
Live Site
Seeing your work in use is the most exciting thing. There are always improvement and with listening to users, and iterating the design as the site grows will keep the search feature useful and great to use.
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