Thrive is a new business launched in Cincinnati, OH with the purpose to bring change to the city by reducing poverty. Thrive uses impact sourcing which is finding candidates in poverty that have IT potential and training them for IT jobs. Thrive works with Per Scholas to train and find these candidates positions with local IT companies.
I worked with Thrive to create their branding from logo to website to promotional items.
Thrive logo
The Thrive logo uses an ironworks swirl to signify the journey people will take. The logo went through many iterations and ideas before the owners felt very happy with this one.
The imagery used for Thrive is based on the use of grayscale colors with orange as a call to action. Photos used by Thrive are to be grayscale and always at street level. Since the purpose of Thrive is to be a force for good within urban Cincinnati the photos are to be in the city. No aerial or wide shot of the city are to be used.
Branding guide segment
Slide from Thrive Powerpoint deck
The Thrive website uses the imagery of dark to light to symbolize the transition candidates take for a life transformation.
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